Mission Statement

“Teens providing school clothes to children in Wake County with dignity and love.”

Our youth based programs endeavor to develop community awareness, engage donors, increase community partnerships and to nurture a heart for service in each participant.

To do this we have carefully selected passionate and articulate youth representatives from a wide array of schools and communities. Advisors will provide them with insight about the functions and demands of running a nonprofit organization, help them to develop and hone their leadership skills, and provide guidance and support in their efforts to  plan, develop, and implement projects, which will improve the lives of children throughout Wake County.


What is the Teen Ambassadors Program?

  • This program is designed as either an independent study with an outlined activities guide that can be completed at your pace or you can recruit others to form a service team or club at your school or religious community. You will be assigned an advisor who will help you track your accomplishments.
  • A letter of interested is required stating why you are passionate about working serving local children through Note in the Pocket.
  • There will be a summer volunteer requirement of 10 hours of accumulated service that includes participation in an orientation training on one of three dates provided: Wed 6/20, Mon 7/9 or Thu 8/2. Orientations are from 12:00 – 1:00 and we recommend you volunteer before the orientation if you are able.
  • Additional volunteer opportunities will be provided both at the Volunteer Center and at various off-site events throughout the year.
  • Up to Twenty-five (25) students can serve in the Ambassador program each year and we encourage students to participate for multiple years.
  • The Ambassador program runs from June 2017 – May 2018. Ambassador’s will be expected to volunteer at NITP, generate public awareness, host an approved clothing collection, create your own fundraising plan and participating in our biggest fundraising event, the Note in the Pocket Socks & Undie 5K Rundie in the spring.

Our goal is that the Ambassadors will be our voice in their schools and communities. Thereby expanding our program in the three ways necessary to help us reach more students in need, through new volunteers, high quality, weather and school appropriate clothing and financial support. By speaking up for those in need, we also hope to expand the heart of service already present in those who participate.

Per Patrick Moore, a 2016/2017 Ambassador from Cardinal Gibbons High School:

It’s sad to think that kids cannot go to school because they have nothing to wear. No kids should have to deal with such an issue in their education, and NITP is helping to resolve this issue. I personally brought groups of my peers to volunteer on three different occasions for a couple of hours, and we helped to prepare for the annual yard sale. I would certainly recommend this program, because you can really make an impact in kids’ lives by volunteering. Everybody has a chance to make a child’s life a little bit brighter, and I think that alone makes the teen ambassador program worth it.

Interested in becoming a Teen Ambassador? Please contact  jamie@noteinthepocket.org for more information on how to apply.

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