The work that we do at Note in the Pocket has a widespread impact on our community. We are honored to be frequently featured in the news. Here are just a few of our favorite recent stories:

"It’s honestly a really great experience, because we not only can help the community through this, but we also learn how entrepreneurship works."

"Note in the Pocket has helped provide clothing to impoverished and homeless school children in Wake County since 2005. And they do it with the efficiency of an assembly line."

"Bonavita recently helped a family where the mother was duct taping her daughter’s shoes every night just so the girl still had something on her feet at school."

" makes all the difference in the world. That's what a good community is supposed to do."

“We should all help others in need and what a better way than to start with a child’s basic needs?”

"The exclamation — “I am wearing this to school tomorrow” — is what matters."

"This is where a little love and the hands & time of many dedicated volunteers come together to achieve"